6 Good Reasons to Pay Attention to the Dogs

Hm… take a chance on the dogs, or just go with the favorite? That’s a choice that bettors are faced with each week during the pro football season. There are times when NFL favorites warrant your attention. However, researching the dogs is truly the best way to make money long term. In this article, I will cover six good reasons to pay attention to the dogs.

  1. ‘Just Win’ Baby

Vince Lombardi probably said it best, because unlike college football teams that are fighting for BCS rankings, there is no need for one pro team to blow-out another pro team. Favored teams that get an early lead, don’t normally try to run the score in the NFL. Coaches prefer to not embarrass their opponent and/or risk injury to their key players, once they have a comfortable lead. However, many big leads on Sunday afternoon often dwindle, before the final whistle.

The play on Sunday is Chicago over Detroit. The Bears are the favorites according to the oddsmakers, yet the over/under line is Detroit -14. That means a bet on the Over would be $100 to win $140, whereas betting the Under would be $180 to win $100. Obviously, the payoff odds are different, depending on which team you prefer. This tells us that if we bet only favorites, we can expect to make around $1,000 on a $100 bet, whereas on the other hand, if we bet the Under, we can expect to make around $1,180 on a $100 wager.

  1. Parlay Betting

Another strategy that doesn’t work all the time is parlay betting. When you bet parlay, you are actually wagering on more than one thing at a time. For example, you might bet on the rest of the games and all of the outcomes. This is actually a better play than simply betting on the current game. The problem with parlay betting is that your bets are usuallyMultiple regressionsandthat’s a lot of money to put on the line. Also, your betting decisions will be harder because more things are riding on them.

  1. Future Betting

If you like future betting, you are betting far in advance of when the kartupoker take place. For example, the Super Bowl will in effect be played in February, 2010. The NFL usually requires about a month of betting time. Such NFL futures betting lines are usually posted in May, or sometimes June. This is why you need to be aware of what the betting odds are, and look for any inclement weather situations, or injuries to key players, that might affect the outcome of the game you are betting on.

If you want to bet successfully, you need to fully understand the sport of football and betting. The more you know about the sport, the better you will be able to make critical betting decisions. fully understand the importance of home field advantage, and the way teams compensate for it. Sometimes the odds do not reflect what is predicted for the outcome of the game, and that is why you need to be aware of what is going on, if anything.

The more you know about the teams, the better you will be able to make decisions about your betting strategies, and your likelihood of winning some money.