Cleveland Indians 2006 Betting

The Cleveland Indians are the most improved team in baseball over the past 2 seasons. Most would agree that the Tribe’s improvement was needed sooner than later. 2005 saw the team finish with a record of 90-72 figuring to finish this season with the same caliber. With the way the season unfolded it looked foresight was not likely. The Tribe’s 28-12 record and a playoff spot in the AL were about where most thought they would be. Then the organization decided to tear it all down and build it back up again. When the Red Sox were derailed with injuries the calls for analytically based players became louder. Coming into this season the Tribe’s sights were set on providing another winning season. This team seems more disciplined as a result of the off season changes and it should be one of the better drafts that any baseball team could have. Money lines of the Indians are some of the softest in baseball. The Red Sox and their young, talented offense lead the way in the American League East.

Money Lines are one of the most difficult to handicap games. The line itself will tell you a lot about the teams. The money line is a fixed point with the odds makers following each teams budget to a tee. There are always a ton of teams that will put forth odds that will support their game. At the same time not every team will have the same line as the other team. With tonight’s games lines, the Yankees are the favorite against the Red Sox. This is based on the outlook of each team at the beginning of the season. The Yankees are the favorite even with the setback of the injury to their best pitcher, lousy bullpen, and decreased offense.

The money line is a little more tricky. The money line is different than most other betting lines. Maybe the easiest way to understand it is to think of it as a point spread. Like in sports betting, you may have seen a team listed as a favorite having a -150 betting the other team as a -120. If you were to bet $100 on the Cleveland Indians and $100 on the New York Yankees you would be risking $150 to win $100. Many bettors will take the Yankees bet while many will take the Cleveland Indians bet. The reason for this is a result of the line. If the Yankees were to win the game by exactly 12 points, most bettors will lose the bet. The line would then be listed as -150 -120 -100.

The reverse is also true. If the Indians win the game by exactly 12 points, many bettors will win the bet. The line would be listed as -120 -100 -100. Just to make the comparison easier, the Cleveland Indians game is played in Cleveland at a home field of Wong Stadium. The New York Yankees game is played in Lower Hudson Valley,ICKinson Stadium.

The Yankees have the MLB’s best catcher in clubhouse attraction Paul Lo Duca. He is exollent and has caught 43 passes for 821 yards and 8 TD’s. The Indians’ clubhouse is relatively small compared to baseball’s other most populous teams. The Yankees have relatively good pitching and have been playing very well recently. At the time of this article the Yankees are 7-5 on the road trip.

The Cleveland Indians are led by closer Mike Anderson. He has recorded 14 saves in 24 opportunities. The Indians’ starting pitcher has a record of 8-11. The Indians’ bullpen has a record of 28-28. The Indians have scored just 12 runs in their last 8 games. The Yankees have been playing great nagapoker lately, going 7-2 in their last 11.

Mike Anderson vs. the Yankees starter since June 1, the Indians’ Adam Warren (13-9, 4.76 ERA) vs. the Yankee rotation of John Mussina (12-10, 5.55 ERA),hat will be the first named pitcher to beensus top starting pitcher. Mussina has not played since June 9, as he recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Will Beil reaching into his pocket toATS!